It’s a new world, and yet, not so much

…So everything has changed, yet the sun still rises each morning, the kids keep coming home for the holidays, and the dishes continue to need washing every day.  I thought when I stopped working (in the conventional way) everything would change. But, yeah, not so much! And yet, I feel like I’m living in a completely new world. The daily grind is SO different. I still have a schedule but it is of my own making; I still have ‘things to do’ but they are solely directed by me, my energy level (soooo much higher now), and my drive for success and earning power, and I still have tasks that I would rather simply not do-ever (but of course, I MUST do them).

My new world has me breathing a sigh of relief – often. I can hardly believe how wonderful this new world is. So why was I so frightened by this inevitable transition?Because change is so scary. Change occurs in everything we touch and we must deal with them. So why do we fight the very actions we KNOW must occur in order for us to reach equilibrium?


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