How many days do you have left?

Are you looking for more life in your life? No one knows when our last day will be and there is no crystal ball. I don’t know about you but I want to get it all in before I die. Recently I noticed that I was going faster and faster and faster, trying to cram as much into each day as humanly possible. And I know I am not the only one. Is it because we are seeing more and more catastrophic events such as floods, sinkholes, hurricanes, oil spills, and more? Or does it have anything to do with the economy tanking?

And do you wonder why many of us are doing meaningless tasks for the better part of each day – wasting so much precious time? Recently, I have seen a small positive shift in overall behavior while out shopping, and I’m wondering if you’ve seen it too.

I’ve noticed that people seem, well, somehow nicer lately.  Could we be gaining sensitivity about other people’s lives – paying more attention – gasp – maybe caring more?  Do you see the occasional glimmer of joy in yourself and others and yearn for more of it? Recently I was able to embrace a new reality for myself: money is not the root of all happiness for me any longer. Whodathunk?? It was an eye-opening revelation for me.

Interesting perspectives arrive after being nice too…especially when no one would have even noticed if we hadn’t been nice. For example, have you ever taken homemade toffee to a new neighbor, helped an elderly couple who couldn’t figure out the ATM machine or commiserate with a young, frazzled mom in the grocery store to avert unintended abuse? I have; but before you think less of me for puffing up my chest, I want you to know that these events happened before I realized I was being NICE! Some part of me just woke up and said DO IT!  I felt compelled to do these things in a spur of the moment. And I must say, the feelings they induced in me can only be compared to that of the Grinch when his heart began to grow exponentially. It was awesome.

I feel a tide turning everywhere I look lately. Acquaintances, friends, colleagues, retail clerks, SVP’s, CPA’s, advertising exectutives, HR Analysts, and others have told me they are reaching for work with more joy, balance, flexibility and an authentic component of systematic giving back to their communities.

It’s like the scales are falling from our eyes and we are beginning to see life’s prism and realizing we CAN have an immediate impact on the world at large, ourselves, our children, the earth, friends and strangers alike….and it feels good, like my fledgling wings are opening.

Are your proverbial wings opening too?

This is the right time to try them out. At other times of year it can feel embarrassing to do something out of the norm publicly, but during the holidays it seems more socially acceptable to reach beyond our comfort zone. Each time we reach out with a kind word or help out in some way, we are testing a new flight path. When we make a gift rather than purchase it and are praised with the receivers genuine joy, we feel accepted and appreciated, but also encouraged. Each person, who bravely chooses to get off the ladder of meaningless work in lieu of creative, rewarding and life enriching endeavors, is speaking boldly to the larger community – and it is listening.

An interesting book I read recently suggested I do a little math to figure out how many days I have left on this earth. It was a good exercise and it was certainly eye opening. According to the calculation, I have approximately 11,630 days left. Ive decided it’s time to make the best use of that time – how about you?


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  1. Jeffrey F. Miller
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 20:47:05

    Excellent Realeen! I enjoyed it. Question: How do You know how many days You have left..Just Asking! 🙂


    • shakeupyourlife
      Nov 29, 2011 @ 21:01:40

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I had done calculated mine by hand but they have online calculators too. Here is one I found on the internet that does it automatically for you:
      happy counting…but of course we should not take it too seriously right? I found it instructive to LIVE my life each day rather than wasting time and entire days procrastinating, surfing the web, or feeling sorry for myself! Hopefully my blog made that point. Thanks again for reading my Blog!


  2. Joanne La Rocco
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 18:43:42

    Awesome!! xo


  3. shakeupyourlife
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 11:56:10

    Reblogged this on shakeupyourlife and commented:

    I wanted to remind everyone to seize the day!


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