What is your next big thing?

The funny thing about goals is that as soon as you attain one, you’ll need another to replace it. That’s how we keep growing (and how more and more things are invented too). So what is your next goal in life?

When I ask people about what they want in life they often tell me of a wish or a dream or a fantasy. But when I ask how they will attain it, they laugh and tell me they could never get there. Then they tell me they don’t have any goals, which is impossible because a dream, fantasy or wish is simply a goal that hasn’t been formulated into doable steps, YET.

Maybe you gave up on yourself…or you gave up on believing you could get there. Well I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to find your next big thing and accomplish it – so you can move on to the NEXT big thing.

Goals are what make the world go round.

Here is how to begin turning a dream into a goal:

Sit down with yourself with a 5 minute commitment. Finish the following statement (remember, 5 minutes straight). Do not allow yourself to stop writing (or recording if you don’t like to write) even if you feel empty of new thought. This will allow your internal filter to drop.

Beware, you may start writing things that you don’t want to acknowledge and that only means you are finally getting to something that really matters to you.

PART 1 Complete this statement: WHAT I REALLY WANT IS_________.”
The usual first few answers sound something like this for most people:
to be successful
for my friend to…
for my mom to…
for my partner to…
to be happy…
to be rich…

Once you have written or recorded, go back and really study your answers; which one or ones make you excited and scared? Circle them.

Part 2 The second part is understanding WHY you may not be not moving forward on your natural gifts, talents, desires and calling in life.
Ask yourself the following questions and write down or record these answers as well.

  • What is the benefit of staying where you are, or “incomplete” in your life?
  • What are you getting out of it? If you are serious and honest with yourself you will see that you get a lot from others for being incomplete.
  • What is the risk of being successful?
  • Who will you ‘show up’?
  • Who in your life will not be happy if you become REALLY successful? Think deep about this question. Most people initially say “no one…everyone wants me to be successful”..and then after a few minutes of conversation (or writing) they come to the truth that they were hiding from themselves.
  • Are you addicted to validation? In other words, do you need people to approve of everything?
  • Are you afraid you’ll lose someones love or affection if you do something you really want to do that others disagree is good for you?

These first two assignments are the catalyst for turning a dream into your next big thing. Remember, a dream or fantasy is simply a goal not yet realized. So start today dreaming; do these simple little activities (hey, it’s the weekend, give yourself permission to dream at least a little-just record them this time!) and Stay tuned for more on this subject tomorrow. Happy dreaming!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arline
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 14:27:10

    My “next big thing” or should I say it’s been my “next big thing” for awhile now is to lose this darn weight! I think I’m on the right path. I’ve re-committed to eating right, exercising and have even taken up yoga (which is quite addicting). I can’t wait to read your next blog!


  2. shakeupyourlife
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 18:17:55

    I JUST saw your comment. Try eating the same thing each meal for a week. Sometimes staying on a schedule helps…and CHEAT one day a week…really cheat big (but only on the one day) and then be very good for the next 6 days. It works…Also, no carbs for a while. Just eat tons of your favorite veggies every meal (cold, hot, with romano or parm. and without); buy edimame and almond butter, black beans and salsa, and egg white omelets with lots of strange veggies, parm. and beans) … need more ideas and hints? email me at your leisure at essentialdrive@gmail.com.
    Good luck!


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