It’s that time of year

It is that time of year…

When money is tight yet we spend with abandon;

When people are harried yet still willing to lend a hand;

When green and red can coax a smile;

When loved ones are openly cherished;

When strangers are acknowledged simply as people we have not yet met.

When visits are invited more readily;

When giving is offered more freely;

When forgiveness is granted more easily;

When love is felt more keenly,

And when goodwill is closer to the norm.

As our crown-jewel holiday nears, I hope you will enjoy…

…the spending and the lending, the colors and the visiting, the giving and the friends, the forgiving and the forgiveness, as well as the love and the goodwill.

No matter what your personal or religious beliefs, or lack thereof, and especially during this last week of stressful bustle, I hope you will (I know I plan to) hug more, forgive more, love more and give more.



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