that’s what friends are for

So today I spent the day with a friend. We went to Manhattan first to take a ballet class. Then we drove on a little farther, where I watched her take a ballroom lesson with a champion dancer.

We chatted the whole time she drove; we missed a few turns but found our way and were on-time for everything. What was most fun was talking about whatever pleased us and munching on our packed picnic lunches.

I loved the easiness of the day and the camaraderie between us. Even though we are not really close yet, I already consider this woman a true friend.

What really struck me was the confidence we engendered in each other. Usually I am very shy at new things and especially in a very public environment. The ballet class was a high caliber professional ‘advanced beginner’ session and it was intimidating. We were clearly out of our element and yet, we stuck it out for an hour and a half class. Everyone noticed us as the new kids on the block. Yet somehow with my new friend by my side, I felt centered and willing to really try my best and not be so self conscious – a very new thing for me.

And much to my delight, after the class she confided that if I hadn’t been with her she very well may have slipped out half-way through. I was so surprised because she seems so sure of herself and she is a really quick study in all things movement. She is running circles around me in the ballroom after only one year of instruction (to my almost 4 years) and she is in perfect physical shape.

Not that I want her to be less confident, but it made me feel so good to instill confidence in her as she certainly engendered in me. It was so…reciprocal!

But hey, isn’t that what friends are for?


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