can’t think of a thing

This morning I started to write about laughter but I wasn’t in the mood and everything came out boring.

So I tried again and focused on the kitten who attacked my cell phone when the alarm went off, but abandoned that as boring to anyone but me.

Then I started to write about crying because the cell phone thing really made me laugh so hard I thought I’d wet my pants, but who wants to read about that?!

So I curled up with the kitten and took a nap hoping I would dream up something good. But it didn’t work. Instead I woke up remembering  that I needed to pay a bill, balance my checkbook, and retool my budget.

Now that I’m finished with all that, it’s almost 5 p.m. and I still got nothing. So I’ll have to catcha tomorrow. The kitten and I are hungry and I’m sure the husband is going to want to dance tonight. What a day…I think I’m going to like 2012.


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