believe it, Part I

Everyone has certain beliefs which they consider their Reality. It is these beliefs that we cling to when things don’t feel right or don’t go right. We pick up our first beliefs in infancy from our parents and get more from school, the media and even our jobs chip in.

Authors Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer insist that in order to have positive beliefs that support our success, we must first figure out what our limiting beliefs are (so we can replace them). The reason? You can’t change what you don’t see as a problem.

Marianne Williamson agrees and goes even further. She insists that our state of ‘doing’ must match our state of ‘being’ – which basically means that if you don’t believe in what you are doing then all the doing in the world will not provide the desired outcome. I’m here to tell you that cleaning up limiting beliefs isn’t hard to do. I am working on changing my limited beliefs now that I know I have some. It’s funny but they are mostly just thoughts I commonly thought without thinking. As I am more aware of each limiting thought I am also spotting more and beginning to clean them up one by one. It is like a game for me now. I just practice a more empowering thought and slowly shift the old thought patterns. It’s very refreshing easy, fun, and lucrative too!

Let me share a one with you. You might recognize it, it’s very common. Interestingly, people talk about beliefs as if they were ‘facts,’ and I used to too. Here’s one…

I can’t afford it. I suggest you change this limiting belief to the more expanded question: HOW can I afford it? It’s all in the mindset. Questions are very powerful. When you seriously ask yourself that question you’ll be amazed at the thoughts that begin to enter your mind and the solutions that present themselves. Here is a personal example:

I gave up a sizable salary, effectively cutting our household income in half, with 3 college loans coming due. For those of you with a mortgage and kids finishing college in 2012 you KNOW what kind of debt I’m talking about. The question, How can I afford it? literally saved my life. With expanded thoughtful processing I still do all the things I love and now I have time to pursue other activities and I am home where I can be with my husband more; a luxury I missed for a good 15+ years. It was a huge win. But it wasn’t an obvious choice and most of my friends thought I was crazy to be quitting my job in this economy. Remember these words: How can I afford it. It’s a deal breaker.

More on beliefs tomorrow.


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