the best year ever

When I start a new year I always say this is going to be the best year ever! Then week one passes and I think, yeah, that was pretty much like last year but with a few sore muscles from my new exercise ‘routine’; then week two passes and I think, yeah, the newness is already wearing off and I think I’ll file those bills tomorrow, and by week three I am completely back to same-ole, same-ole and not following up on ANY of my new ‘routines’ that I promised myself. Heck, I don’t even make it to the end of January!

But this year is different already.

This year I decided there would be no new years resolutions (most of us have MANY resolutions, as if ONE new thing isn’t enough to change!)  And there are no emphatic slogans or MUSTS to my supposed new routine either. There is only one thing; and you will notice I didn’t say        R E S O L U T I O N. The one thing is this: I will do one thing at a time and complete it before moving on.

Seems so simplistic but already it has proven to be challenging and fun. The really different thing is, it is not a routine at all so I don’t need to fail at it. I only need to continue working at it, everyday and pick up where I left off when I forget my promise to myself.

Now you might be thinking, what the heck does that matter? But think about it, how many activities do you try – especially at the beginning of each new year and then abandon because you either think you failed or convince yourself that you don’t have the talent, or got bored, or just got lazy or decided you just didn’t feel like it?!


It feels so much kinder to pick up and continue and succeed doesn’t it? I am not admonishing myself when I don’t meet my own insanely high expectations any longer, and I get to continue being successful everyday because I just keep on keeping on.

It’s a spiral, not a race and there is no catholic school nun ready with a ruler to whack me when I don’t finish something. The only thing that happens now is that I feel sad momentarily, but then I remember that I am in charge.  There is always time to complete whatever was started (like the dance I started to learn months ago and abandoned due to self consciousness).

Even small things fit into this. For example, I began a new filing system last year (in JANUARY) but got bored with it and abandoned it at about the letter F. When I went to file something yesterday I realized I had not completed it. It was a good system, so today I am finishing it. No admonishing needed, I am just finishing it. And when it’s done, it will be something else I feel successful about.

Why did it take so long to be less gestapo with myself? Are you mean and unforgiving with yourself and habits too? Jeez, let’s calm down a little, shall we?

This is the best year ever. Happy Wednesday.


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