you won’t believe it

Did you know that you become who you believe you are? For example, if you are nervous, you become a worrier and that is all people notice; if insecure, you mess up all over the place because your insecurities convince you that you can’t do it (whatever ‘it’ happens to be). If you are frightened, you become the little child frozen in your tracks, unable to move forward.

Well, I knew this intellectually but I guess sometimes I forget.

So yesterday I was talking with my coach – yep, I got one and you should consider getting one too–I believe everyone needs a coach – just like everyone needs a wife!

Anyway, I was sharing all my insecurities about venturing into the world of a ‘real business’ – I am opening a physical space for my coaching business and it’s a little scary. About four minutes into my rant she interrupted and asked, “You DO know that you become whomever you believe you are, right?”

I stopped in my tracks. Of course I know that, I thought. However, she had caught me; I was becoming exactly what I was believing at that moment: a nervous, insecure, worried and frightened little girl. I was getting myself so worked up with worry that I was no longer focused on the intelligent, talented, motivated, and focused entrepreneur’s plan I had carefully created. It was so eye opening.

We talked more about the power of believing and accepting oneself and then she asked me to be both coach and client. So for the rest of the session I coached myself as  if someone came into my office saying everything I was sharing with her. I was an amazing if not weird, session.

My lesson was on self acceptance and I don’t mind telling you it can be a tough one. But when we make it a priority to get comfortable with the choices we’re making, everything falls into place. And the rest of the day did fall into place for me. Every time I started to worry, I remembered that I am right where I am and it is a perfect place to be. I am making the choice to open a practice and when I stay focused on why I made the decision, instead of second guessing it, I have more energy and better ideas too.

Why must we insist on believing the silly judge in our heads? I am right here right now; I can’t be anywhere else because I am here, it is my jump off place. I must accept that, then I can move into more and more exciting places.

It’s like an old saying my parents used to say: what you put in is what you get out. When I put confidence into my work I get competence out. And when I put in insecurity or fear, I get very little done, and what gets done looks like a child did it. It is really quite simple although it is  difficult to keep in mind when you are embarking on something new and different.

I have found all sorts of ways to internalize this self-acceptance thing and I’m working on a way to teach it so it’s there when you need it. It is applicable in every area of life if only we will remember it.

Here is it one more time: You become whomever you believe you are.

I invite you to start believing amazing things about yourself too.


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  1. Travis
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 14:16:32

    Excellent article, thanks.


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