But things just keep CHANGING!

  • “View change as the one constant in your life. Welcome it.  Expect it.  Anticipate it.” ~Denis Waitley

Great quote but not so easy to remember or apply when life seems to be spinning by. I don’t know about you, but in my day-to-day meanderings, I do not consciously think of change as a constant.

I know everything is constantly changing, you know, the earth is revolving around the sun and the moon rises and falls from our view every day. But somehow it doesn’t seem to reach my conscious level of functioning…that is, until something in my world changes in a big way. THEN I’m all a tither, like a whirlwind around me, and I stupidly think “when things calm down, THEN I’ll make my move.” HELLO, change is a constant, duh! It bites me in the butt over and over again. When I saw this quote this morning I had to laugh at myself (again).

Is your normal mode like mine? Always waiting out a storm of multiple activities in order to feel like you have a handle on everything? The problem is, something else always takes it’s place in the sea of change and then resistance sets in. Am I right? 

So the news for today is (NOTE TO SELF): Not only do we need to WELCOME CHANGE – we must EXPECT it, yes, and even ANTICIPATE it.

I’ll give you a for instance. I’ve been working on opening a space for my business now for some time (well,at least in my mind). My work has outgrown meeting clients in my home and, at times has interfered with other family members personal lives.

So then day, almost out of the blue, a longtime friend and colleague invited me to join her in a space she was having renovated.

I was so excited and yet, I still didn’t feel completely “ready.” It was a change alright and one I wanted, so why was I hesitant? I wanted to expand and then voila, a new space magically appears. So what was the problem? It meant changing a lot of things I had grown used to and comfortable with, and I resisted, big time.

When the renovation was complete, it was time to move in. I began buying furniture but still, I held back the final start date. The Problem is, I was just so busy that I kept waiting til I had time to get ‘creative’ with my advertising, courses and classes. And I was just so busy

Let me make a list of all the REASONS I could not make the change yet…There were just so many things getting in the way…First there was a dance competition that was not in the normal schedule, then my daughter in law was coming for a visit, I couldn’t plan my courses NOW I had to get the house ready! Then my other son was leaving for the Army – I needed to be there for him (and try to convince him not to go – ultimate sad face). Then I had more house guests coming, then I wasn’t feeling well, then, then, then…

Things just kept CHANGING and I wanted the world to stand still for a minute!

So I continued to keep my plans on hold, waiting for a calm period (translation: when things were NOT so “changeY”).

Finally my colleague questioned me about WHEN I would make it official and start programs…people were waiting!

Talk about a major kick in butt. I was embarrassed but it was what I needed.

So, even with more changes occurring (I won’t bother with the specifics but you know, life is still happening) the flyer’s are printed –  regardless of my resistance, fear, and thoughts of not being ready, and all the things going on, I’m doing it. No turning back.

Bottom line: Change IS constant. Expect it, Anticipate it, Welcome it, EMBRACE it. 

One last thing, change can be scary too but it’s also very exciting and FUN. Don’t even try to think you can keep things THE SAME.

Remember that earth movey thingie and the moons disappearing act each day? Well, that’s a hint, change is a must so welcome it. Trust me, it will make your life so much easier in the long run. 

My very first class starts THIS SUNDAY! It’s called: Early Morning Stretch ‘n Zest  JoyOut . It runs for 10 weeks beginning March 4th at 6:45 a.m. and will run Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I’m located at 85a Denison Ave, Mystic, Ct. Interested? drop me an email at info@KnowingPeace.com I’ll send you a flyer with all the information. 🙂


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