oh, it’s too late for me

I’m too old. It’s too late for me to learn all these complicated things, who am I trying to fool? It’s just too late for me to blah, blah…I hear this in my head all the time. Then another voice enters the conversation: NO you are right on time it says right back. And so, the fight among all the people in my head begins again.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you believe you are making a “realization” when you proclaim to yourself that you CAN or CANNOT accomplish something and then that thought cements itself fully into your mind? And when it does – boy is it ever difficult to change that view of the world and ourselves within it.

Well I’m here to say that it’s all poppycock. I’ve seen people of both genders break through “personal ceilings” at all ages and with all manner of “handicap” – You have the internet, you’ve seen it too…The girl with one arm surfing, the man with no arms OR legs swimming and playing golf, the woman with no legs from above her knees running a marathon, the 80 year old man graduating with his Ph.D.etc….so let’s not succumb to that pity party, shall we?

I’ve told many a person, and continue to remind myself of this very important fact: Every single thing you and I have experienced before this moment, got us ready for this moment in time.

You could never have achieved what is possible to achieve now without all of the things you encountered up to this moment. It’s true and we both know it. We needed every single experience: mistake, failure, accomplishment, joyous occasion, accident, celebration, emotion, graduation, and illness in order to BE the person we are right this minute.

It’s funny but when I think about it, every single time I have let go of that silly belief that I can’t do something because ‘it’s too late’ for whatever reason,  I experience something new, amazing, and wonderful – and which I hadn’t thought could be possible for me.

Too many people who read my blog know me personally,so I won’t share exactly what those things are (chuckle), but OMG getting rid of this limiting belief is frigging crazy wonderful. Try this mind warp trip, seriously. Stop worrying that you waited too long to start X, Y, or Z – start today. Stop thinking you fell off the wagon (what ever wagon it is for YOU) and get back on it. Wanna do something new, pick it up, just start.

You are more prepared to start today then you were yesterday. Neat concept, don’t you think? Let me know what you started, I would love to hear your good news! Let’s stop fighting the flow, floating downstream is so much easier than fighting ourselves all day everyday, don’tchathink? Go ahead, you CAN do it so give it a shot will ya?


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