The Skinny on Me

Getting Skinny is not just about weight, it is also about shedding unwanted ways of being. You know, like when you do or say something to someone and then you just want to brain yourself? Yeah, I’m talking about all those parts of yourself that you just can’t seem to shake or get under control. I know you REALLY don’t want to keep making the same mistakes. Follow me for a while, I think I can help.


Are you ready to get skinny, be happier than you’ve ever experienced or thought possible, and finally understand yourself fully – moving with your natural tendencies and strengths instead of fighting yourself all the time?

Or are you Already skinny and very happy and just want to continue to grow emotionally, and intellectually?

I have been coaching people in health, nutrition, exercise, office politics, dependency self assessment – change, and personal development for 25 years. With an Associates Degree in Science, Bachelors Degree in the Arts and a Masters Degree on the way, I have counseled hundreds of men, women, and children; from police chiefs to inmates, homeless preschoolers to  Ph.D. candidates, and oh, so many in-between. Visit my site and let me know what you think or what you are interested in learning more about.

And please remember the following important things about what I am and am not:

What I’m not:

I am not a psychologist

I am not a babysitter

And I am certainly not your mother

What I am:

I am a coach (Remember that old saying: Everyone needs a wife?)

I am a Motivational Enhancement Interventionist

I am a Strategic Interventionist in training

I am a Zumba Instructor

I am a Ballroom competitor

I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Friend, and Colleague

I am a Writer

Oh yeah and I’m also a former corporate whore who found voice and life in motivational enhancement work, nutritional counseling, organizational managment, dancing, and writing

Read my pages, write to me, attend one of my workshops, or just follow me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth Allen Kintner
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 21:51:39

    Enjoying your blog, Raeleen! I love that I can get a bit of your insight every day! Congrats!


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