It Works!

I LOVE the ultimate body wrapper (and other amazing products in this line)

Yeah, I sell them, but mostly I USE them! It’s my little secret. You know that thing called cellulite? Well in independent research on it, I found MORE support for why this stuff really works. It’s called Lipolysis and this is the only product currently on the market that does it because it’s patent pending so no one can steal it. Want to learn more?

Call me at 860.367.1533 to schedule a party or a one-on-one. I warn you though, it’s not cheap so you might want to have a wrap party That way you’ll get yours for free!!

Or check out my website:


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  1. janine pratt
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 21:37:21

    Hi Raleen:
    It’s your old pal Jaine. I was wondering if you do parties and if so what is your schedule and where do you do them? I have a few gals at the studio that would love to join and get more info. How expensive is the products and how long for results?? Also, do you have a place where you do the workout training?? I have had the need to make a complete make-over as many of the students have for their New Year promises. I have not read all your blogs, but enough to know I really like the inspiration that you are giving!!!!! My personal life has changed “A LOT” and I think I could benifit and would love to spread the word. E-mail me or call me when you can.
    Miss you guys and I sure hope you two are still dancing!!!


    • shakeupyourlife
      Jan 19, 2012 @ 06:33:08

      I’m so happy you are enjoying the blog. I am opening a place in Mystic the beginning of February and I’ll send the details when everything is confirmed. I have parties at homes and dance studio’s and will be able to have them at my new place when it opens. I have been doing the workouts at various places like peoples gym wherever they have a membership. I’ve done 10 and 12 week challenges at private homes, churches, and community centers but I am happy I may have a permanent space soon.
      The wraps are not cost prohibitive but it’s always better to have a party so you’ll get yours free! I will email you more details and we can talk on the phone too so I can get a better idea of what you’re looking for – plus I’d love to catch up.
      Talk Soon!


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